Social distancing and enforced isolation has put strain on many sectors of industry, perhaps none more-so than hospitality. We've upgraded our Restaurant Menus plugin on Shopblocks to the next level - now allowing hospilaity businesses to take payments and orders online - straight from our menu block. Now is the time to evolve your business and take full advantage of online orders:

  • Take payments online and prepare orders for collection and delivery

  • Get found by your customers - website, Facebook, Whatsapp and live chat - convenient for your customers wherever they hang out online

  • Display your dishes with our best ever menu block - easy to use for mobile and desktop users alike

Every site is unique and is produced by our team of digital experts, and supports displaying your photos, opening times, booking details and menus in an accessible, mobile-friendly professional website.


Easy menus

Make pinching and zooming on a PDF menu a thing of the past and eliminate the awkward user experience many customers suffer on restaurant websites, particularly on mobile phones and other touch-screen devices. Our menu block makes your menu look as good as the food tastes, on any screen size or device.


Why build your restaurant website with Shopblocks?

  • Try before you buy

  • Drag and drop menu builder

  • Custom design for your business

  • Take bookings and payments online

  • Mobile-friendly website

  • Google Analytics

  • Secure hosting

  • UK support

  • E-commerce


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18 Mar 2020

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